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ebook – The Homestead Hens – My Adventures with Backyard Chickens

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This isn’t a “how to” ebook on raising chickens. It’s about my own adventures as a first-time chicken owner. Raising and caring for hens wasn’t a fairytale for me. It was full of ups and downs. Sometimes things went wrong, but I did the best I could. It’s been quite the journey with some pretty great rewards. I love having hens!

What makes this book extra special are all the photographs I took along the way. You’ll see tiny chicks, gangly “teenager” pullets and full-grown beautiful hens in the 70 photos I included in the chapters of this virtual book. You’ll also meet a very special hen who survived a tragedy.

Join me on my adventures of life with The Homestead Hens!


What a delightful book on the amazing world of chickens! If you’re thinking about acquiring chickens for the first time, this is a great resource. It’s a delicate balance between having “pets” who produce delicious eggs and realizing the intricacies of the chicken world. In this book, you see the hours of enjoyment you can have getting to know your chickens, but also receive tips on the challenges that are inevitable! Great read with amazing photos.     Julie, California


Hard to believe there were ever chickens as well cared for as those in this book. From the initial idea to own chickens through the joys and challenges of making it a reality, this book takes you on a passionate newbie’s journey to farm fresh eggs. You get a clear sense of the conscientious planning and intense effort involved by the author and her dad. The conversational tone of the book reads like a friend walking you through all they’ve learned and passing along their hard-earned wisdom.     Joel, Kentucky

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